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elysenicol123 said: Do you know a dupe for philosophy hope in a jar


Actually yes, I do!


Philosophy Hope in a Jar Moisturizer - $42 for 2oz



Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion - $12 for 2.5oz

I was testing this the other day and it reminded me of something that I’d used before on my skin.  It actually wasn’t until I read this question that I realized - d’oh!  This is just like Hope in a Jar!  Hope is a very popular moisturizer with a cult-like following behind it.  It’s really a very basic moisturizer, and its only special ingredient is Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which helps speed up cell turnover and keeps pores clear.  It’s meant to be an anti-aging moisturizer for all ages.

The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion has AHA as well as vitamin B5 and E for added moisture.  This moisturizer also has SPF 15.  I prefer the pump packaging of the Neutrogena lotion to Hope in a Jar’s jar, and I obviously prefer the tiny price point as well.

Hope that helps!

Find the dupe here!

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Just posted! MAC Eyeshadow Swatches: Burgundy
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rondyvu-deactivated20140410 said: What drugstore products are good for contouring?


When it comes to drugstore brands there is no lying that they lack in the contouring  sector. Bronzers and contouring products are usually a ghastly orange shade and jam packed full of shimmer,  In saying this, I have tried a couple of drugstore products that do a great job at contouring.

I prefer to use foundations for contouring when I’m using drugstore products, this is because most don’t contain any shimmer (shimmer free is essential for contouring) When selecting a foundation to contour with go two to three shades darker than your skintone.

elf studio moisturising foundation stick

Foundation Stick

Foundation sticks are great for contouring because they are easy to apply, not to mention they’re super blendable. I love the ELF Studio Moisturizing Foundation Stick (super creamy!) and the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick (applies as a blendable cream, but dries to a matte, powder finish)

Face Powder

I also love to use regular face powder, it is best to use ones that can be used alone and to set makeup as these are usually semi-sheer, which is great if you are a beginner or someone who isn’t great at contouring. I love the *Revlon Nearly Naked Face Powder

I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately.

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25. March 2014

I just wanted to say sorry about not having the reviews and posts I have promised up yet… My computer had issues and was being fixed and I just got it back last night ☺️ so I’ve only been able to get on Tumblr on my phone.. Which isn’t ideal for large posts… But have no fear this week I will deliver all the reviews I have promised and some others too!!

Also I will be answering the questions y’all have asked all week too :) so if you have any questions get them in!! I have to play catch up lol

fatitoismail said: Hello! So i wanted to ask you, when i put mascara on my eyelashes, my eyelashes always go back to their old place, and i get black smudges under my eyes. What should i do?


You are not alone; many other fed up individuals are suffering from the very same gut-wrenching conditions as yourself, the diagnosis? “Mascara Woes” of which symptoms include: smudged mascara and droopy lashes, the disease can be potentially fatal to your confidence, but don’t fret; I’ve got the cure.


how to prevent mascara smudging

Mascaras and eyeliners are often attracted to creamy concealers and eye creams so set your under eye concealer with a good setting powder and fluffy blending eyeshadow brush. Also, make sure you ditch the creamy eye creams in your morning makeup routine, they are great and make concealer glide on easily, but sadly they are often the course for smudged eye makeup.

I’d also recommend using a great waterproof mascara and eyeliner to help further prevent smudging.

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barraco-barnerr said: What's the best foundation brush shape for someone with acne? Or is a sponge better?


I wouldn’t recommend a sponge so much for someone with acne because a sponge in supposed to be used wet which sheers out the foundation and doesn’t give full coverage. A sponge is great if you want a more dewy, light to medium coverage “naked” looking skin :)

For acne I really recommend flat top synthetic brushes! Flat Top brushes give full coverage and blend out like a dream. The brushes are tightly packed together which gives your foundation an airbrushed finish when blended out. 

Some I love are

Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Buffer $7 

Real Technique’s Expert Face Brush $9 at Ulta and some Walgreens, Walmarts & Targets

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki $21

Sedona Lace Flat Top Kabuki (Sigma Dupe) and currently only sale for $12!

youraddictiionnnn said: Hi doll do you know any good affordable makeup websites? Thanks😋


One site to get discounted higher end makeup at is All Cosmetics Whole Sale, they also have many discontinued products like rare limited edition MAC products which is cool! Check out their sale section for the better deals :)

For more affordable/drugstore makeup check out

  • Cherry Culture (has popular brands like NYX, Jordana, etc)
  • Coastal Scents (has affordable brushes, palettes, makeup, etc)
  • BH Cosmetics (similar to Coastal Scents)
  • E.L.F  (popular affordable brand sold at Target. If you don’t have a Target or to shop their full collection, shop online!)

falschesspiel said: I really want to do nude lips but since my lips are naturally red, nude lipsticks make me look ill. Do you have any tips or product recommendations? xxx


I can’t necessarily give nude lipstick recommendations because it depends on your skin tone but there are a few ways to make nude lips more wearable! :)

1. Gloss! Either adding a layer of gloss over nude lipstick or using a nude lipgloss will give a little more life to nude lips. Using a nude gloss is a great way of muting out your lips without fully committing to nude lipstick. Matte, flesh tone lips can make you look a little ill.

2. Go for a nude thats a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. A flesh tone nude isn’t usually the most flattering. Try a darker beige lipstick. 

3. Use a darker beige/nude lip liner. This will make any nude lip darker on the edges/outline so it doesn’t just blend in with your skin. It adds dimension to the lips and creates a lip shape so it doesn’t look too flat like you have no lips!

4. Go for a nude with a pink or peach undertone. A pinky nude or peachy nude is a lot more wearable than a flesh tone nude yet still keep the lips muted.

MAC Blankety